– En serie av Martti Rytkönen

Explicit Checks and Stripes med raka, klara former och tunna slipskär exponerar kristallens kvalitet på ett modernt och luftigt sätt. Känslan av vass som har torkat och blivit stående vid strandkanten över den kalla vintern är inspiration till Explicit Stripes. I Explicit Checks kan man ana en gammal grind som tecknar sig i kristallens yta och bildar grafiska mönster. 

Martti Rytkönen

Martti Rytkönen’s glass collections always reflect the true spirit of Orrefors – even when he experiments with shape and glassmaking techniques. He is fascinated by the possibilities of glass and likes to form the clear crystal into objects with a narrative.

He aims to tell us something about the material, how it can be soft, strong and light, at the same time as heavy and hard. Martti thinks that glass is sensual and pleasing. We understand what he means when we see his crystal creations that can have the simplest shapes imaginable, without being hard or formal.

Martti’s products are always permeated by timelessness and tangible high quality. This applies to all his creations, be they clear, cut crystal items in his collection, or coloured limited-edition vases.

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